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The Flexible Heavy-Duty Robots
Robots: Z-Series (100 kg, to 300 kg) Downloads:
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Basic Description: The Z-Series (6-axis) heavy-duty robot was developed using Kawasaki’s advanced technology and extensive experience in automation. The robust low-maintenance designs suit numerous industrial applications and are directly responsible for improved production line efficiencies in automotive and general industry application.

Typical Applications:
Assembly, Dispensing, Fabrication, Machine Tending, Material Handling, Material Removal, Press Tending, Sealing, Spot Welding

ZXE Robots
Payloads: 130 kg, 165 kg, 200 kg and 300 kg
Floor Mount
ZTE Robots
Payloads: 130 kg, 165 kg, 200 kg
Shelf Mount
  • Large work envelope
  • Over the shoulder motion
  • High velocity and acceleration, results in short cycle times
  • Easy arm conversions
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Collision and overload detection
  • Routine maintenance every 10,000 hours
  • Ultra high wrist torque
  • Unique ability to work directly underneath itself
  • Maximizes plant floor space
  • Large working envelope
  • Slim arm construction with minimal dead zone
  • High speed capability
  • High acceleration and deceleration rate
  • High speed servo loop, and all digital servo control
  • Ultra high wrist torque

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