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Ultra High-Speed Delta Robot
Robots: Y-Series (Delta) Downloads:

Basic Description: The Y-Series robot is an ultra-high speed delta robot with the quality and reliability that has become synonymous with Kawasaki. The shaft-less design is simple to program and operate and features industry leading payload capacity, reach and speed.

High Payload Capacity: With a 3 kg payload capacity, this robot can pick & place various types of workpieces at very high speeds.

Large Motion Range: The robot's large motion range (1,300 mm diameter and 500, Z-stroke) broadens its range of applications in food manufacturing and solar- panel production lines.

High Accuracy: High repeatability ensures accurate pick & place and high productivity (positional repeatability: ±0.1 mm, angular repeatability: ±0.1 degrees).

Wash-down with Acid or Alkaline Cleanser: The arm is designed for wash-down with acid or alkaline cleaner, thus assuring hygiene in food manufacturing plants.

Easy Maintenance: The shaft-less design prevents mechanical trouble, resulting in easy maintenance.


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