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High-Speed, High-Performance Robots
Robots: R-Series (3 kg to 80 kg) Downloads:
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Basic Description: Kawasaki's R-Series line of light to medium duty robots are setting the benchmark for all other robots in their class. With industry leading speed, reach, work envelope and quality, the R-Series Robots are unmatched

Typical Applications:
Arc Welding, Dispensing, Sealing, Material Handling, Material Removal, Machine Tending, Assembly, Inspection, Packaging

Ultra High-Speed Operation: The new light-weight arm combined with high-output high-revolution motors, provides industry leading acceleration and high-speed operation. The acceleration rate automatically adjusts to suit the payload and robot posture to deliver optimum performance and the shortest cycle times.

Wide Work Range: In addition to extending the robot's maximum reach, the rotation range of each axis has also been increased, The extended motion range translates to a larger usable work area with minimal dead- space and greater flexibility.

Environmental Protection: The R-Series incorporates a double-seal construction on all axes and the electrical connections are water- resistant offering an IP67 rating for the wrist and IP65 for the remaining axes. If a wash-down arm is required the entire robot can be provided as IP67 (optional)

High Torque: High-output servo motors combined with a rigid arm construction, allow for superior wrist torque and load capacity.

Integrated Features: Built-in pneumatic lines and internal wiring are standard. Mounting pads and taps are provided to allow easy installation of additional cabling, tubing, or equipment.

Space Saving: The slim arm design requires very little floor space. Multiple robots can be installed in "high-density" applications without impeding performance.

Easy Maintenance: The Kawasaki design requires very little maintenance while boasting and industry leading reliability.

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